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Some people think anyone can manage an event. Isn’t it just a case of deciding what goes where and publicising the event? Wrong.

Particularly when working on a large-scale or outdoor event as the risk factor increases tenfold. Are you using the correct barriers? What about your legal obligation? Do you have the correct license or permit? How robust is your emergency plan? Have you taken all the necessary steps to reduce your event’s impact on the environment? The list goes on!

That’s where we come in …

Vjem Events is an event project management agency, and these are just some of the issues we are equipped to deal with.  Our talented team produces extraordinary arts and commercial events namely:

Road Shows   Concerts   Exhibitions   Fun days   Carnivals Fashion shows   Street parties   Conferences   Gala dinner dance   Celebratory parties   Award ceremonies   Festivals

I would love the opportunity to discuss your event ideas or requirements, and explain how we might be able to support you to host a great, and safe, event so do get in touch.

Extra bits and pieces …

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Look forward to hearing from you.

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Veronica Jones, Projects and Event Director

Call me directly on 020 8819 9919